DIY Roofing.

DIY’ers, Do It yourself Roofing

Many people have experience working on their home, repairing and building almost everything.  You can and will save money if you know how to fix your roof and are willing to do it yourself.  No experience and knowledge leads to additional cost and wasted time.  The wrong materials, and cutting corners adds up to disaster.

This service is intended for those who want to do it your self with the right instruction, technique, materials and save money. Follow the plan and instructions given many roofing repairs can be accomplished in a weekend.

    • FAQ – Coming soon
    • Online Informational video – Coming soon
    • Supplies – what and where to buy, list provided
    • Ask a Roofer  – Now what do I do . . ., on site, now available
    • Supervision – Owner Builder help, now available

Weekend Warriors, Honey I got this… , no problem…, piece of cake.

You watch the shows, you saw your neighbor do his roof and it looked easy.  Nothing is so easy it can’t be screwed up.

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